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North Carolina Regulatory Affairs Forum

NCRAF is an association of regulatory affairs professionals centered in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill "Triangle" of North Carolina USA. NCRAF is dedicated to providing education and support for the continuing professional development of individuals who have an interest in regulatory affairs activities as they apply to research, development, or manufacture of drugs, biologics, or medical devices.



The Art of Effectively Managing Virtual Presentations and Meetings

Thursday, September 17, 6:30 pm: Zoom Meeting Only

Jim DiBiasi, Founding Partner, 3D Communications

Communicating across the camera is challenging –
and staying in control of the conversation is even more difficult. 

What does it take to break through the lens and inspire your audience in this “new normal”?  

Learn the basics to help you to prepare and plan for an exceptional web-based presentation or meeting.

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2020 RAC Workshops: Weekly, June 2 - Sept. 29


Course will be available by WebEx and, if permitted under COVID restrictions, will also be presented in person (to be determined).

Each series is a separate registration and fee!

Please don't try to tackle both at the same time.  Seriously.  Just pick ONE.

Pharma/Bio (or) Devices

Workshops Syllabus


2019 RAC Workshop

The 2019 RAC workshop information currently only includes the slides and notes. Recordings have not been uploaded to the new website due to their size. A fix is currently being generated, but it is likely to take a few months to implement.